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The Painted Garden

The Barnes Method

Tuesday, June 19, 10am – 4pm

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Environs of Berneval, 1879. BF6. Public Domain.

$150; members $135

About the Class

This one-day workshop will focus on paintings in the Barnes collection with gardens or landscapes as their subject. Artists and garden designers share a strong sense of “place” and a heightened perception of the sensual qualities inherent in nature. How have painters been able to express this sensitivity in their work? How have gardens historically been represented? These will be some of the guiding questions throughout the course.

Capacity: 18 students


Christine Stoughton

Stoughton is a psychologist, art educator, sculptor, and printmaker. An instructor for the Barnes-de Mazia Education Program, she has also taught with the Violette de Mazia Foundation at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and West Chester University.