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Online Class:
Ravenna: City of Mosaics

Art in Context / Online

Fridays, April 3 – April 24, 1 – 3pm


Mosaic vaulting, interior of San Vitale, Ravenna, c. 540s. Photo by Kaelin Jewell

$220; members $198
(4 classes)

About the Class

The legendary Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna, Italy, inspired the artist Gustav Klimt and the architect Le Corbusier; they also fascinated our own Dr. Barnes. Throughout his book The Art in Painting, Dr. Barnes refers to these mosaics as forming part of the aesthetic backbone for later generations of artistic production.

In this four-session course, we will explore these glittering mosaics, the buildings that house them, and the fabulously wealthy patrons who commissioned them. By the end of this course, we will better understand how Ravenna, today dwarfed in popularity by nearby Venice, served as the most important city in the western half of the Byzantine Empire.

All you need is internet access. Students will receive details about how to watch online, with related links, before classes begin. For more information, email us.


Kaelin Jewell

Jewell is a senior instructor in adult education at the Barnes. She holds a PhD in late Roman and early medieval art history from Temple University and has worked as a field archeologist. In addition to her work at the Barnes, Jewell is the art historian for an underwater archaeology project near the Sicilian town of Marzamemi.