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Fashion and Impressionism

Art in Context

Tuesdays, October 23 – November 13, 2 – 4pm

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The Artist's Family (detail), 1896. BF819. Public Domain.

$200; members $180

(4 classes)

About the Class

Impressionist painters in Paris launched a new style in painting that sought above all to capture the fleeting appearances of modern life. The cut of a cloak, the flounce of a skirt, the ribbon on a chic chapeau came to have more importance than narratives from mythology and history that had been the staple of academic painting in the annual Salon. Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, and Morisot depicted modern women sitting in cafés, strolling the newly renovated boulevards, and dancing at chic soirées as representatives of the capital of fashion where haute couture and haute culture became synonymous. Building on the 2013 Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity, this course will study the theoretical, literary, and art historical aspects of Parisian fashion and its impact on the arts.

Capacity: 75


Therese Dolan

Dolan is a modern art historian who specializes in 19th-century French art and has also published on contemporary art. She is the author of three books and the editor of Perspectives on Manet in addition to numerous articles in scholarly journals. She is the coauthor, with Lynn H. Miller, of the upcoming book Salut! France Meets Philadelphia: The French Presence in Philadelphia’s History, Culture, and Art (Temple University Press).