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We're now offering a greater number of art classes. We also have need-based scholarships to help make art accessible for everyone.

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The Barnes Arboretum at Saint Joseph’s University

Monday, July 31 – Tuesday, December 31
Art in Context / Understanding Materials and Techniques / The Barnes Method

The Barnes-de Mazia Certificate Program


This special track offers an immersion in the Barnes method and an introduction to other interpretive approaches.


Horticulture Certificate Program


Our three-year certificate program covers horticultural science, methods, and design.


Community Stories

Monday, October 1 – Friday, July 31

Research Notes

Tuesday, April 30 – Tuesday, June 30

New theories and recent discoveries from the Barnes Foundation's curators, scholars, conservators, and archivists.


READ Praxis

A one-of-a-kind professional development program
Talks & Tours

Exhibition Tour: 30 Americans

November 1, 2019 – January 12, 2020
Daily, 1 – 2pm

Learn more about the artists and artworks in 30 Americans.

Talks & Tours / Members

November Spotlight Tour: South of France—Renoir, Cézanne, Van Gogh, Matisse

Daily, 1 – 2pm

Learn about the importance of the region to favorite artists in the Barnes collection this November.


Members-Only Tours: 30 Americans

Wednesdays, November 6 – December 18, 2 – 3pm

A free members-only tour of the groundbreaking special exhibition.

Talks & Tours

Highlights Tour

Daily, 11:30am, 1:30pm

This one-hour tour is perfect for first-time visitors. Explore highlights of the collection and learn the history of the Barnes.

Talks & Tours

Premier Tour

Daily, 4:30pm; Saturdays, 10am

This 90-minute docent-led tour takes place while the Barnes is closed to the public.

Talks & Tours

Personalized Docent Tour

Available Daily

A private one-hour tour for you and up to five guests during regular hours.

Talks & Tours

Afternoons with
the Art Team


Join us for casual pop-up talks in the galleries led by our Art Team. Each talk focuses on a specific work of art—it’s a great way to explore the collection and learn something new!

Special Offer

Join Now!

Thursday, November 14 – Thursday, January 16
Family / Talks & Tours

Stroller Tour

Thursday, November 14, 10:30 – 11:15am

Our Stroller Tours make visiting our galleries less stressful for families with babies.

Talks & Tours / Members

Artist Conversation: Hank Willis Thomas and Deborah Willis

Saturday, November 16, 11:30am – 12:30pm

A conversation between two influential artists who are also mother and son, moderated by scholar Li Sumpter.

Nightlife / Music / Social / Performance

Artist Bash: Activated Peoples

Saturday, November 16, 8 – 11pm

Tonight, we feature artists who perform as they create, activating their histories, identities, and passions.

Talks & Tours

In Focus Gallery Talk: de Chirico’s Alexandros

Monday, November 18, 2 – 2:30pm

Hear the story behind the painting from Amy Gillette, research associate at the Barnes. Free with admission; Room 18

Art in Context

The Ancient World: Treasures from Egypt, Greece, and Rome

Mondays, November 18 – December 9, 6 – 8pm

This class takes an in-depth look at the major artistic and architectural moments of the ancient world.


Lecture: “Matisse and the Harlem Renaissance: Affinities and Interface”

Thursday, November 21, 6 – 8pm

Author and curator Denise Murrell traces the evolving representation of the black figure in modernist art.

Family / Social

Barnes Toddler Time

Thursday, November 21

Join us for a combination of storytime, art making, and movement activities just for kids up to age 5 and their parents or caregivers.

Free / Family / Social / Performance

PECO Free First Sunday Family Day: Winter Soulstice

Sunday, December 1, 10am – 5pm

Make festive arts and crafts and see soulful performances from the Philadelphia Jazz Project.

Free / Special Offer

Museum Store Sunday

Sunday, December 1, 10am – 5pm

The Barnes Shop is celebrating Museum Store Sunday with special events and discounts.

Talks & Tours / Members

December Spotlight Tour: Cézanne—The Man and His Art

Daily, 1 – 2pm

This December, we’re looking closer at the life, work, and influence of the “father of modern art.”

Free / Family / Talks & Tours

Panel Discussion: Philadelphia Jazz Stories

Sunday, December 1, 3 – 4pm

Learn about the new comic book inspired by the history of Philly jazz with its authors and illustrators.

Talks & Tours

In Focus Gallery Talk: Gozzoli’s Madonna and Child with Angels

Monday, December 2, 2 – 2:30pm

Hear the story behind the painting from Amy Gillette, research associate at the Barnes. Free with admission; Room 19


Lecture: “Sitting Pretty: Renoir’s Women and the Art of Self-Adornment”

Friday, December 6, 12 – 1pm

This lively talk focuses on the intimate, modern scenes created by Renoir and his contemporaries.

Nightlife / Music / Social / Performance

First Friday! Elevate the Spirit

Friday, December 6, 6 – 9pm

Tenor Allen Pinkney, Jr., lends his voice to a dazzling variety of music, exploring its power to heal and elevate the human spirit.


Member Morning

Wednesday, December 11, 10 – 11am

Members are invited to join Barnes staff for a chat about membership at the Foundation and benefits, followed by a docent tour of the collection.


Behind the Scenes: Special Exhibitions

Friday, December 13, 12 – 1pm

Associate curator Cindy Kang provides an inside look at the special exhibition process at the Barnes.

Talks & Tours

In Focus Gallery Talk: Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence

Monday, December 16, 2 – 2:30pm

Hear the story behind the painting from Amy Gillette, research associate at the Barnes. Free with admission; Room 2

Talks & Tours

In Focus Gallery Talk: John Bankston’s Man’s Country I

Monday, December 16, 3 – 3:30pm

Hear the story behind the painting in 30 Americans from Tamir Williams, a doctoral candidate in the history of art at the University of Pennsylvania. Free with admission; Roberts Gallery

Free / Talks & Tours

Artist Conversation: William Pope.L with Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw

Monday, December 16, 6 – 7pm

Performance artist William Pope.L joins 30 Americans curator Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw in conversation.

The Barnes Method

The Elements of Art

Tuesdays, January 21 – April 21, 1 – 4pm

Learn basic aesthetic principles and discover art’s communicative power by studying directly in the Barnes galleries.

Art in Context

Matisse: In Color and Light

Tuesdays, January 21 – April 21, 1 – 4pm

Explore Matisse’s stunning use of color across major works from the collection.

The Barnes Method

The Traditions of Art

Tuesdays, January 21 – April 21, 6 – 9pm

All artists engage with earlier formal vocabularies in one way or another—even the modernists we often think of as turning tradition on its head.

Art in Context

Building the City of Light: Impressionism in Haussmann’s Paris

Mondays, February 3 – March 2, 6 – 8pm

Trace the evolution of one of the most famous urban planning projects in European history.

Art in Context

Cézanne’s Card Players in Focus

Mondays, February 3 – March 2, 6 – 8pm

Join us for an intensive study of one of the greatest masterpieces in the Barnes collection. Learn why The Card Players is so important in the history of modern art and how it fits into Cézanne’s broader career.

Art in Context

Art Deco Fashions of the 1920s

Tuesdays, February 4 – February 25, 1 – 3pm

Learn about how influential fashion designers blurred the traditional boundaries between commerce and fine art. Inspired by our Marie Cuttoli exhibition.

Art in Context

The Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt

Tuesdays, February 4 – February 25, 2 – 4pm

Explore major monuments of architecture, sculpture, and painting from ancient Egypt in the class taught by our new postdoctoral fellow.

Understanding Materials and Techniques

Impressionist Techniques: Roots, History, and Practice

Tuesdays, February 4 – February 25, 6 – 8pm

Learn about impressionist color theories and techniques through in-class demonstrations and visits to the Barnes galleries.

Art in Context

Black American Culture and Albert Barnes: Spirituals, Integration, and Social Justice

Saturday, February 8, 10am – 4pm

In this one-day workshop, explore the complex history of the civil rights movement and Dr. Barnes’s role in championing black culture and integration.​

Art in Context

Indigenous and Native American Arts: Albert Barnes and the Spirit of Santa Fe

Saturday, February 22, 10am – 4pm

Look closely at the influence of Native American art on Dr. Barnes and on modern art as a whole.

Art in Context

Van Gogh

Tuesdays, March 3 – March 24, 11am – 1pm

Delve into the life and work of one of the greatest—and most mythologized—painters of the modern era.

Art in Context

“Dear Barnes”: Letters Between Albert C. Barnes and His Artist Friends

Tuesdays, March 3 – March 24, 1 – 3pm

Archivist and historian Barbara Anne Beaucar shares the history of the Barnes through authentic archival documents—including a few newly discovered letters.

Art in Context

Ab Ex to Pop: American Art of the 1950s and 1960s

Tuesdays, March 3 – March 24, 2 – 4pm

Get a better sense of why artists like Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol took the art world by storm in the decades after World War II.

Art in Context

Consumed by Color: Bonnard and Matisse:
A Friendship in Paint

Tuesdays, March 3 – April 7, 6 – 8pm

Learn about the long and fascinating relationship between these two celebrated painters.

The Barnes Method

Visual Literacy in an Image-Soaked World: The Barnes Method and Beyond

Mondays, March 9 – March 30, 6 – 8pm

We live in a world saturated with images. Use the principles of the Barnes method to think critically about the images that surround us—in museums, on social media, and beyond.

Art in Context

Holy Faces and Sacred Spaces

Mondays, March 9 – March 30, 6 – 8pm

Explore the complicated relationship between spiritual belief and artistic production. What does religious art tell us about the people who made it?

The Barnes Method

On the Run: European Artists/Intellectuals Flee WWII

Saturday, March 21, 10am – 4pm

Examine key artists and intellectuals who fled Europe during the Second World War as well as the work of those who stayed behind.

Art in Context

Marie Cuttoli: The Modern Thread from Miró to Man Ray

Tuesdays, March 31 – April 21, 10am – 12pm

In conjunction with our spring exhibition, survey the career of Marie Cuttoli, the pioneering entrepreneur who introduced leading modern artists to textiles and tapestry.

The Barnes Method

Poems and Paintings

Tuesdays, March 31 – April 21, 1 – 3pm

Explore the analogies between the visual and the textual. Learn about the various strategies used by painters and writers to create imagery.

The Barnes Method

Decoding Barnes’s Ensembles

Tuesdays, March 31 – April 21, 1 – 3pm

Get a better understanding of why Albert Barnes arranged his collection in such an unconventional way.

Art in Context

Threads of History: European Tapestry from Medieval to Modern

Tuesdays, March 31 – April 21, 4 – 6pm

Trace the history of tapestry from its princely beginnings in the Middle Ages to its revival by modernist painters and patrons in the 20th century.

Art in Context

Albert C. Barnes and the Harlem Renaissance

Mondays, April 6 – April 27, 6 – 8pm

Learn about Dr. Barnes’s dialogue with several key figures of the Harlem Renaissance and how this dialogue impacted his approach to education.

Art in Context

Old Masters at the Barnes Foundation

Mondays, April 6 – April 27, 6 – 8pm

A close look at the old masters in the collection and an introduction to earlier painting traditions more broadly.

Understanding Materials and Techniques

The Art of Tapestry Weaving

Mondays, April 6 – April 27, 6 – 8pm

Learn more about the methods of tapestry design and construction and create your own in the tradition of your favorite era.

Art in Context

Afrofuturism: Introduction to the Multiverse

Saturday, April 18, 10am – 4pm

Artists and activists from across the African diaspora are imagining new myths and radical visions into reality. Learn about them in this one-day workshop.

Art in Context

Painting Time: Monet and the Pace of Modernity

Mondays, April 27 – May 18, 6 – 8pm

Is it possible to paint time? Join us for an investigation into how Monet articulated a new cultural understanding of time in some of his key landscapes.

The Barnes Method

The Painted Garden

Tuesdays, April 28 – May 19, 1 – 3pm

Explore the visual vocabulary shared by painters and garden designers.

Art in Context

3-D/4-D: Sculpture 1850 to the Present

Wednesday, June 3, 10am – 4pm

Inspired by our summer exhibition on Elijah Pierce, this workshop details the various modes of modern and contemporary sculpture.

Art in Context

Matisse and His Palette of Objects

Tuesday, June 9, 10am – 4pm

Curator Ellen McBreen brings to light the deeply personal objects that so often found their way into Matisse’s paintings. What is the relationship between 2-D and 3-D in Matisse’s work?

The Barnes Method

The Intensive Practice of Meditation and Close Looking

Tuesday, June 16, 10am – 4pm

A daylong immersion in close looking and meditation. Enjoy the quiet experience of looking at artwork, with Dr. Barnes’s concepts in mind.

The Barnes Method

Decoding Barnes’s Ensembles

Tuesday, July 7, 10am – 4pm

Learn to better understand why Albert Barnes arranged his collection in such an unconventional way in this one-day workshop.

Understanding Materials and Techniques

Understanding Color in Painting

Tuesday, July 14, 10am – 4pm

Explore the history of color in painting through demonstrations and close looking at works in the galleries.

Art in Context

Art History is a Gated Community: How to Open the Discipline to Elijah Pierce and His Peers

Tuesday, August 4, 10am – 4pm

How can art historians, museums, collectors, and critics include artists like Pierce in a fuller and more expansive story of American art?

Art in Context

Modigliani, Pascin, and Soutine

Monday, August 10 – Wednesday, August 12

In this three-day workshop, investigate the intersecting lives and contributions of these three key modern painters.